Golden perch fingerlings released in the New Year

YACTAC were out in the New Year on the Billabong Creek, Conargo, releasing 27,273 golden perch (Macquaria ambigua) fingerlings as part of the Refreshing Rivers Program which aims to improve local waterway health.

Leigh Logan, Tara Native Fish Hatchery, delivered over 50,000 golden perch and Murray cod fingerlings throughout the Central Billabong,

“I’m glad to be a part of getting things back on track,” said Leigh Logan.

Edward River Council, Jerilderie Fishing Club and YACTAC’s fingerlings were spread from both sides of Wanganella Weir, Conargo, Jerilderie and surrounds, and Colombo Creek. The combined releases auger well for the system,

“Restocking is an important component of any restoration program to increase the numbers of natives in a system and help compete with carp. The Central Billabong still has good populations of Murray cod, but stocking of golden perch, eel-tailed catfish and other less common or threatened species will be a key component of native fish recovery,” said Dr John Conallin, fish ecologist.

The release has been part of a multi-pronged approach to improve waterway health at a Conargo case study site, including carp removal, planting of filtering waterway plants such as tall spike rush and revegetation planting on the riparian areas (riverbanks and adjacent).

Community have been involved and helped with many aspects of restoration,

“Here's to a future of fishing with a majority native catch and healthy waterways,” said Andrea Mitchell, YACTAC and Refreshing Rivers Program.

Funding was through NSW DPI's Two Dollars-for-One Dollar Native Fish Stocking Program and Refreshing Rivers Program.

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