African Boxthorn biocontrol pilot project

The pilot African Boxthorn biocontrol project garnered enquiries as soon as the first Expression of Interest (EOI) was distributed. The Rice Growers Association (RGA) asked to join forces with us and together we organised for 20 landholders to start the pilot program, with several more on a waiting list. Ten control kits were available in November 2022, but due to the floods distribution was delayed until December 2022.

A demonstration workshop was held at Pretty Pine on 9 December 2022 with attentive participants involved in the process. Each person took home a kit which could treat eight branches on different Boxthorn plants. To the participants' credit, they took photos before, during and six weeks after the biological control was administered and sent them in for CSIRO analysis. Although the results were not great in terms of the impact on the Boxthorn plants (with no rust seen so far), it did show how effective grassroots organisations are at organising quickly and applying local knowledge to roll out a project of state and federal significance.  

Boxthorn flower

More success stories from this region

Colombo Creek fish habitat restoration project

Over the course of several events in late 2022 and early 2023, significant work has been undertaken to restore fish habitat on the Colombo Creek. Schoolkids helped plant trees, while a separate event was held to reduce carp numbers through electro-fishing.

Wetlands for Wildlife 2023

What's not to love about being outdoors amongst the redgums, planting and restoring wetlands on a sunny day, with kids having fun in the mud and a bbq? Plus, a great result for habitat and vegetation at this property on the Yanco Creek.

Celebrating success: Willow removal

Central Billabong landholders celebrate the incredible success of willlow removal projects over the past 15 years, which have turned clogged creeks into broad, navigable waterways, flanked by redgums and revegetation plantings, and home to native fish and birds.

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